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We are In High Demand To Buy Canned Foods & Cosmetic skin care

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Canned Food

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B/P 404 Rue Ndokoti Dla,
B/P 404 Rue Ndokoti Dla,

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Dear Sir/Madam We take this opportunity to introduce our companies;Lexam Intercorp,Sarl We are a leading registered importing & trading companies cameroun chamber of commerce,dealing on Baby Panpans,Cosmetic,Beverages,Baby Foods,t/shirt,Canned Foods,Drugs Herbal,Tiles in bulk quntitys Therefore,we are i high demand seeing to buy this above mention iterms in a bulks quntitys due to your good qty and price for a longtime monthly basic shippment,so let any supplier & manufacture contacting us with their product range and their packing with price for our study which to enable our business to carry ahead for steady monthly basic shippment, Best Regards Mrs,Lillian.Savalia Ceo/Director Lexam Intercorpration, Sarl B/P 404 Rue Ndokoti Dla Telepehone ;+237-6-593-47-033 Telefax: +237-6-593-470-33 Email:lexamintercorp@gmail.com Littoral Cameroun

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  • Lexam Intercorpration, Sarl
  • Contact Name:
  • Lillian Lothar.
  • Telephone Number:
  • +237-6-593-47-033.
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  • Not provided.
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  • Address:
  • B/P 404 Rue Ndokoti Dla, B/P 404 Rue Ndokoti Dla, Fonti, Littoral.
  • Country:
  • Cameroon .

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Lexam Intercorpration, Sarl Products


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