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Etopia Corp

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538 RT 25A,
Rocky Point,
New York,
United States of America

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Company Website: http://www.etopiacorp.com/

Company Description

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Rocky Point, NY, Etopia is a Long Island company. We provide cutting-edge IT services and vulnerability management solutions for both small and medium sized businesses. Our team of IT specialists and cyber security experts are highly knowledgeable and well-versed in a wide variety of Network Security standards, video security systems, security systems’ authentication protocols, and perimeter detection. We develop highly-dependable and cost-effective information systems that make technology a seamless and more productive aspect of our clients. That, in response, helps them achieve their security goals more effectively. Etopia Technology professionals take time and due diligence to know your business and unique requirements to provide customizable service solutions that best suit your present needs within your budget constraints, taking into account the direction and predicted future of your business. Thus, we adopt a proactive, complete service approach to ensure optimal security of your network environment. In addition, we pair our expertise and utilize our resources towards network configuration and security with other essential physical security mediums that include Perimeter Detection and Network Video Security systems too. Etopia Technology’s customers are confident of their professional and well-versed technicians in order to keep their networks running efficiently, minimizing down time while ensuring peace of mind and certainty when it comes to cyber security requirements.

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  • Etopia Corp
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  • Etopia Corp.
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  • 6317449400.
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  • 538 RT 25A, Rocky Point, Suffolk, New York.
  • Country:
  • United States of America .

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