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PriboLab is the global provider of mycotoxin test solutions. Pribolab designs solutions in the food safety and quality at all stages of the supply chain in the agricultural, food and feed industries. Mycotoxin Liquid Solid and dry Standards PriboLab company, according to the Official Analytical Chemists Association (AOAC) legal Method adopts advanced production technology and equipment for the preparation of mycotoxin standards, and detects all the products by spectrometry, TLC / HPLC test, compared to the known standards and awarded before to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the products, so as to ensure the quality and purity of the standard (each batch with product COA certificate). PriboLab not only provides crystalline standards ,and also provides various types of toxins liquid and liquid mixing standards. Pribolab provides different mycotoxin matrix reference materials ( control charts ), allowing the clients to verify the accuracy of measurements in a system known to be in statistical. Matrix reference materials(Control charts) Certified Constituent Material Aflatoxin Cereal (Wheat, Maize), Waxy Corn, Peanut, Feed Zearalenone Cereal (Wheat, Maize), Barley, Buckwheat、Malt, Flour Deoxynivalenol Cereal (Wheat, Maize), Barley, Buckwheat, Malt Fumonisin Cereal (Wheat, Maize) Ochratoxin Cereal (Wheat, Maize), Coffee, etc T-2 toxin Cereal (Wheat, Maize) Composite toxins Cereal (Wheat, Maize) MSS1001 3-Acetyl Deoxynivalenol Standard MSS1025 Gliotoxin Standard MSS1002 15-acetyl-deoxynivalenol Standard MSS1026 T-2 toxin Triol Standard MSS1003 Aflatoxin B1 Standard MSS1027 T-2 toxin Tetraol Standard MSS1004 Aflatoxin B2 Standard MSS1028 15 -Acetoxyscirpenol Standard MSS1005 Aflatoxin G1 Standard MSS1029 15-O-Acetyl-4-deoxynivalenol Standard MSS1006 Aflatoxin G2 Standard MSS1030 Alternariol Standard MSS1007 Aflatoxin M1 Standard MSS1031 Alternariol monomethyl Ether Standard MSS1008 Aflatoxin M2 Standard MSS1032 Tenuazonic acid Standard MSS1009 Citrinin Standard MSS1033 Beauvericin Standard MSS1010 Cyclopiazonic acid Standard MSS1034 Fumagillin Standard MSS1011 Deoxynivalenol/Vomintoxin Standard MSS1035 Penicillic acid Standard MSS1012 Diacetoxyscirpenol Standard MSS1036 Penitrem A Standard MSS1013 Fumonisin B1 Standard MSS1037 Verruculogen Standard MSS1014 Fumonisin B2 Standard MSS1038 Tentoxin Standard MSS1015 Fusarenon X Standard MSS1039 Wortmannin Standard MSS1016 HT-2 Toxin Standard MSS1040 Mycophenolic acid Standard MSS1017 Moniliformin Standard MSS1041 Citreoviridin Standard MSS1018 Neosolaniol Standard MSS1042 Aflatoxcol Standard MSS1019 Nivalenol Standard MSS1043 Altenuene Standard MSS1020 Ochratoxin A Standard MSS1044 Ochratoxin B Standard MSS1021 Patulin Standard MSS1045 Ochratoxin C Standard MSS1022 Sterigmatocystin Standard MSS1046 Fuminsin B3 Standard MSS1023 T-2 Toxin Standard MSS1024 Zearalenone Standard DRY STANDARDS Catalogue Mycotoxin Concentration Reconstitue in PS-101 PriboFast® Aflatoxin B-1 25 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-102 PriboFast® Aflatoxin B-2 25 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-103 PriboFast® Aflatoxin G-1 25 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-104 PriboFast® Aflatoxin G-2 25 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-105 PriboFast® Aflatoxins B-1, B-2, G-1, G-2 (4:1:4:1) 2.0/ 0.5 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-106 PriboFast® Aflatoxin M-1 1.0 µg/ml Acetonitrile 2ml PS-107 PriboFast® T-2 Toxin 100 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-108 PriboFast® Diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS) 100 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-109 PriboFast® Deoxynivalenol (DON) 100 µg/ml Methanol 5ml PS-110 PriboFast® Neosolaniol 100 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-111 PriboFast® HT-2 Toxin 100 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-112 PriboFast® 3-Acetyl Deoxynivalenol 100 µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-113 PriboFast® 15-Acetyl Deoxynivalenol 100µg/ml Acetonitrile 5ml PS-114 PriboFast® Nivalenol 100 µg/ml Methanol 5ml PS-115 PriboFast® Fusarenon-X 100 µg/ml Methanol 5ml PS-116 PriboFast® Zearalenone 25 µg/ml Methanol 5ml PS-117 PriboFast® Ochratoxin 1.0 µg/ml Methanol 5ml PS-118 PriboFast® Cyclopiazonic Acid 10 µg/ml Methanol 5ml PS-119 PriboFast® Citrinin 5.0 µg/ml Absolute Ethanol 5ml PriboFast○RMycotoxin ImmunoAffinity Columns(IAC) Benefits: •High specific ,monoclonal Antibodies •High capacity column/large antibodies/ efficient purification/high recovery rate. •Meet the AOAC standards and EC regulation as well. •Excellent purification of complex matrices including food, feed, spices and so on; •Suitable for ELISA, HPLC and Fluorometry spectrometry;. • Apply to aflatoxin, vomitoxin, fumonisins, ochratoxin and zearalenone detection; PriboMIPTM mycotoxin Columns Pribolab applied the molecular imprinting technique(MIT) to the mycotoxin testing by HPLC, based on the technology, launching mycotoxin molecular imprinting solid phase columns. By simulating the antigen-antibody reaction mode, with the HPLC method in the detection of patulin, the samples of patulin are made in specific purification and enrichment, completely removed other impurities. The entire sample processing less than 30 minutes, achieved the high specificity of extraction, purification and enrichment of patulin in various types of samples. The detection sensitivity is higher than that of the current AOAC methods and standards of the European union! Benefits: • Ready for use and optimized extraction protocol; • Perfect clean-up system for trace analysis of Patulin as IAC; • Enrichment of the analytes; • Easy to operate, purify about 30 minutes; • Applicable to several apple derived matrices(apple juice and cider); • With MIT, realize high specificity of patulin extraction, purification and enrichment, and Removal of main matrix interferent: 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural ; • Compliant with European Commission Regulation (EC) 1881/2006 PriboFast○R Multifunctional Purification Columns Benefits: ●Adopting multiple mechanism fillers to adsorb impurities and rapid extraction purification; ●One-step rapid purification, short time(30s); ●Unique design principles: disrupting chemicals retained in the column filler, toxin under test through the purification column; ●Purify a variety of toxins simultaneously, the detection samples: aflatoxin, zearalenone, trichothecene toxin; ●Stability --over 30 months; ●Recovery –more than 90%; ●Can be used for the detection of aflatoxin, zearalenone, Deoxynivalenol, nivalenol, T-2 toxin, 3- Acetyl deoxynivalenol, 15- Acetyl deoxynivalenol and other mycotoxins; ●Suitable for the purification of food, cereal, feed, beverage, Chinese Medicin and so on. PriboFast○RELISA Kit Benefits: • The global unique provider for providing pre-treatment purification cartridge, greatly reducing the disruptors; • Take the competitive ELISA, short detection time; • Accuracy close to the HPLC method, wide range of accurate quantification; • Good reproducibility, minor error between indoor and outdoor; • High sensitivity and high recovery; • High stability, up to 12 months; • Simple operation, a simple training can operate independently.

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