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S&A chiller CW-5300 cools the 8KW spindle of an India client

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4:49 am Thursday 25th of January 2018

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In the Indian exhibition in September this year, S&A met an India customer, who was a laser manufacturer and mainly produced CNC machine tools, spindle engraving machines, and mechanical arms. In recent years, its demand for laser equipment has increased, so has its demand for chillers to cool the laser. In the detailed discussion, this Indian customer expressed the intention to find a long-term cooperative chiller manufacturer, because cooperating with the manufacturer, both in quality and after-sales could be guaranteed. Recently, we have provided a cooling scheme for this Indian customer. S&A chiller CW-5300 is recommended to cool the spindle of the 3KW-8KW. The cooling capacity of S&A chiller CW-5300 is 1800W, with the temperature control accuracy is up to ±0.3℃, which can meet the spindle cooling within 8KW. There are two temperature control modes, i.e. constant temperature mode and intelligent temperature control mode. Users can choose the appropriate cooling mode according to their own cooling needs. The technical parameter of CW-5300: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW53001800Wco.html CONTACT S&A TE:+86-20-89301885 FAX:+86-20-84309967 SKYPE: teyuchiller Email:marketing@teyu.com.cn Website: http://www.teyuchiller.com

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  • Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd..
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  • Mia Feng.
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  • 86-020-89301886.
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  • 86-020-84309967.
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  • China .
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  • Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd..

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